What makes us unique

We love what we do and we have a passion for quality. The company was founded to bring our basic core baking principles to every dessert we make which are; clean & quality ingredients, superb mouth feel, and complexity in flavors and texture. Taking care of our customers needs fuels our fire. The passion to meet and exceed the demands of the fast changing market place is what it is all about. We live by the maxim, “actions speak louder than words” let us show you what that really means. 


Strategically located in Pompano Beach, FL is Batter & Company’s production and distribution facility. We are part of a 60,000 sqft. USDA certified facility with a 300 pallet freezer, 175 pallet refrigerator, test kitchen and truck docking, as well as our production, storage and packing rooms. We stand capable to handle large wholesale orders.

hand crafted detail + automation

A balance must be carefully achieved between what can be automated and what must be done by hand. Too much automation results in a dessert that lacks fine characteristics. Conversely, too much hand crafted detail results in a dessert that is too expensive and cannot possibly meet profitability requirements of food establishments. Each one of our creations is rigorously analyzed and designed from a production and profitability standpoint to achieve your goals, which in turn is our goal.


We have proudly partnered with GFI (Gourmet Foods International, Inc.) based in Atlanta, GA and having 9 distribution facilities throughout the United States to service our customers with our fine dessert products.

Who We Serve

Batter & Company has recognized the need for superb quality desserts to serve the premium to luxury Food Service industry. We have also developed a line of successful and proven retail products. Running a successful pastry operation requires specialized knowledge and specialized equipment and comes at a great cost. Our goal is to allow those high end restaurants, hotels, and caterers to outsource their pastry needs to a reliable, high quality partner.  Our platform allows for cost to be controlled and distributed among many outlets, thus lowering overall costs. We fit the needs for those food service operations that currently have a pastry team and would like to outsource for additional capacity or for those operations that want to fully outsource a pastry program. We offer fully garnished, ready-to-plate products as well as base products that can then be customized and garnished by your pastry team to your own specifications.

Luxury Food Service.jpg

Luxury Food Service

A reliable dessert provider to fully outsource or partially outsource a pastry program. We offer products that are either fully garnished and ready-to-plate or we offer base products that can then be customized  to your own specifications.

grab and go.jpg

Retail + Grab & Go

Our line of dessert jars is a hot selling item and is perfect for retail and grab & go outlets. We take our high quality desserts and hand pack them into jars from 4 ounces. This program allows for excellent margins, low loss, ease of handling and customers love the ability to take desserts with them where ever they go.

luxury cruise.jpg

Cruise & Airline Catering

Our line of desserts is suitable for high end restaurants or first class and business class flights looking for sophisticated desserts to please their most discerning customers. Only using the most premium ingredients available, we offer products that are either fully garnished and ready-to-plate. Alternatively, we offer base products that can then be customized  to your own specifications.