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Wedding Cakes + Desserts

Batter & Company takes it's expertise in making fine French Pastries of the highest quality and standards for the luxury hotel and restaurant industry and translates that into how we execute desserts & cakes for our brides. There are two goals that are extremely important to us when we are delivering a cake on a special day. 1. The cake must taste great. You want to impress your guests with a moist, flavorful cake and we get that. Our recipes are designed for high moisture levels and we make sure that our buttercream is not too sweet. We also use the finest quality flavors, compounds, and fillings. 2. The cake must look great. We have the ability to any type of cake you desire, from a blank canvas to add a cake full of floral to a custom fondant with hand painted artwork. We can create 


Wedding Cakes

The ideal wedding cake does two things and it does them well. At Batter & Company, we take just as much pride in how your cake tastes as we do its good looks. Astound your guests with a cake of beauty and delight their palate with wonderful flavors and indulgent moist cake. 

Desserts & Dessert Tables

Batter & Company has a full line of desserts and services that you can customize to match your decor and inspiration. A new trend in the wedding industry is to downsize the wedding cake and have a selection of mini desserts for guests. This way, your guests have the opportunity to indulge in a variety of desserts and flavors and do so at their leisure. 

Wedding Favors

Batter & Company has the capability to create your perfect wedding favor that matches your theme or style. Full customization options are open to make it as ornate or as simple as you desire. Choose from desserts like french macarons or our mini mason jar line of products that includes cake and pie offerings. 

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We would be delighted to review your wedding inspiration and find desserts that match your day perfectly. 

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