established in 2013


Batter & Company has humble beginnings. Started back in 2013 out of Sarah and Shaun's apartment in Fort Lauder-dale, it began with a simple website, an idea, and a whole lot of guts! Sarah and Shaun, being from Connecticut, saw an opportunity to bring some of the great baking traditions of the New England area to the South Florida region and an opportunity to move away from their corporate careers. Interestingly enough, neither had any background in baking nor did either have a strong penchant for sweets. Therein lied their business plan. Sarah and Shaun, often disappointed with desserts, set out to create desserts from scratch that they would enjoy eating. Sometimes coming into a new endeavor without any preconceived notions of how it is supposed to be done is the best way to shake things up.  Sarah and Shaun sought to make recipes that were not-too-sweet, contained great punches of flavor, complex textures that are pleasing to the palate and desserts that have tremendous presence on the plate. This is their mantra. 

Back to the story...

In 2013, Sarah developed  a series of ultra moist and ultra delicious cake recipes that led to their first line of products, cupcakes and cakes. Having a science background from her studies in college, Sarah appreciated and excelled with the chemistry that is baking.  The two began selling through their self-built e-commerce website and delivering to the local area. Picture Sarah covered in flour and Shaun racing around Fort Lauderdale in his car. Ya' gotta start somehere, right? They soon found an opportunity to get involved in the food truck circuit when they found a 1965 vintage trailer that had been converted for food sales. Sarah had to have it and painted it Tiffany blue, of course. 

In February 2014, the two entrepreneurs stepped into the big league by opening up their first retail store in Pompano Citi Centre. This quickly led to opening their second store in the Promenade in Coconut Creek in 2015 which further expanded their product offering with a line of premium frozen yogurt. 

As the business progressed, Sarah and Shaun found opportunity to offer wedding services with cakes and dessert tables which further expanded the Batter & Company product offering to a full suite of desserts and garnered the attention of high end hotels and caterers in the South Florida region. 

In 2016, Batter & Company expanded into a commercial kitchen and made a heavy investment in the equipment needed produce a fine line of French Pastries to the hotel and food service community. 

In 2018, Batter & Company garnered an investment and strategic partnership with James Finck, a seasoned entrepreneur with vast business knowledge, to push the company’s reach and capability into national distribution. We are proud to have Jim on board with us.

Today, Batter & Company stands capable to produce large volumes of desserts at the highest level of quality through its bakery & distribution center located in Pompano Beach, FL, servicing the grocery store, airline, cruise and hospitality industries.

Make every moment (and dessert) one you’ll never forget.

On behalf of everyone here at Batter & Company, we sincerely look forward to providing you with extraordinary desserts. 

Sarah and Shaun