Our Team


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Sarah Hunte

co-founder & ceo

Sarah's background and keen interest in science has formed the basis and foundation for Batter & Company's success. She graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2008 with a degree in Communication Sciences & Disorders. Sarah worked as a sales representative for the business services & pharmaceutical industry until 2013, when she co-founded Batter & Company. Sarah developed the cake recipes herself with the goal of creating a dessert she would actually like to eat. She continues to act as a bellwether to lead her team to the highest quality levels for her clients. 


Shaun Hunte

co-founder & president

Born an entrepreneur, Shaun loves the daily challenges and excitement that comes with starting and growing a business. Throughout his life, he's always desired to own his own business however he did try his hand at the corporate world working as a finance analyst for a global reinsurance company, a hedge fund and a bank after graduating college studying finance and economics. After much dissatisfaction, he and his now wife (Sarah) decided to start a venture together. Shaun brings his keen business sense and ability to seek out opportunities to the table. 

Chef Jimme Matthews

Executive pastry chef

Chef Jimme exemplifies great leadership and always carries a positive attitude. He achieves a balance of cheerfulness and a serious attitude towards pastry that allows his team to achieve the goals of the company. Jimme is well familiar with the demands of luxury having worked at Four Seasons Anguilla, Raffles Hotels, and Serafina Miami. Having worked under the famed Sylvain Leroy, White House event Chef and President of Team USA for the Coup du Monde 2011. In 2015, Jimme captured Gold Medal for Pastry Chef of the year by Taste of the Carribean.

Chef Jordan Maxwell

executive pastry sous

Bio coming soon

Tasha Middleton

pastry team leader - cakes

Bio coming soon

Chef Yoni Mora

pastry consultant

One of the World's most accomplished and awarded pastry chefs, having worked alongside some of the World's top culinary chefs. Yoni's experience spans leading the helm at MGM Grand Las Vegas, New York, New York Las Vegas, Eau Palm Beach, and the Ocean Reef Club as Executive Pastry Chef. He was awarded as top 10 pastry chefs in America by Dessert Professional magazine. Yoni has also achieved gold medals in the Coupe du Monde competition among a myriad of other awards. 


An Art & Science

Creating the perfect dessert is an art & a science, we have a passion for that. It's a strict merging of many elements, ingredients, precise timing, techniques and expertise that result in a qualified Batter Co. dessert. With the possibilities of dessert creation being virtually unlimited in scope, we form a set of rules and standards that every one of our creations must live up to. Those are the following.

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Finest Quality European Ingredients + Old World Techniques

Ingredients are the foundation to any dessert. The end result is largely decided by how you begin. We source the finest quality European ingredients from our single origin chocolate, fruit compounds & purees, flavorings, molecular, vanilla beans and tart shells. We choose the best in the World. 

Old World Quality - To put it simply, we do things the way they are supposed to be done - the way they use to be done. Our line of french pastries exemplifies this fact. It requires more labor and more time but the end product is that much greater. 

Complexity + Sophistication

A dessert of excellence requires many facets to please the sophisticated palate. We approach this from two angles; the number of elements in the dessert paired with an appropriate combination of flavors.   We aim to have no less than 5 elements in our desserts and include a pop of flavor such as raspberry, mango or passion fruit. 

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Mouth Feel + Texture - A Sensory Experience

A fundamental factor to a successful dessert is how it feels in the mouth. We combine many different sensations to add interest to the palate. The range can be hard to soft, crunchy, foamy, velvety, smooth, thick to light, airy to dense. A combination of these elements creates interest, can surprise and gives an overall experience to the dessert that evokes emotion and intrigue. Another core tenant is control over the sweetness of our products. A dessert with the correct level of sweetness will allow for the proper sensory experience.